A project build by Calvin C.

64i.de ?

64i.de is a quite heavy project for me - Operated mostly by my self (Calvin, born 1999 in Cologne). I am hosting mail, websites and other services for me and friends that don't want "Big Brother" to know about everything - Or lets say, its a Hobby :D

Well, certainly it is. We are not using any services to track you. We even don't want that! I know by tracking I could increase my reach, but why should I?

We are hosting a lot of decentralized software that you may already have used.
Including this list, there is IPFS and a middle-node for the TOR-network and a lot more.

We are Virtualizing a lot (ProxMox/VSphere). Just because we can! Its easy to shuffle around machines from one V-Host to the next one. Because of this, we can maintain a bigger uptime than most of the other hobbiest hosted sites.

64i.de - The History


Here are we now:

Running a steady quite reliably service for peoples, that want the www to be free again. Mostly opensource, supporting big projects that want to get your anonymity back (Tor, IPFS, Torrent for Linux-Distros and other OpenSource projects, Git-Mirrors from certain well known repos and Honey-Pots to detect skiddies).

Spring 2019

We startet virtualizing

As you might already read above, we are now virtualizing quite a big part of our infrastructure. Therefore we are now running 5+ Servers in a cluster (Connected via IPSec between the main nodes and TINC as transportprovider CDN and app-data to the edges) and to securely communicate with servers across multiple datacenters.
Other small nodes run across known world-wide serverproviders, to further increase speed.

Winter 2018

Better stability for Mail

At first we tried to increase the stability of the mailserver by implementing blacklists for incomming IPs and to block mallicious attacks but as we go further we did setup multiple machines to securely deliver your emails to the inboxes of our users.

Summer 2018

Deployed Rootservers

First time all our services were deployed directly on baremetal servers to further increase the speed. firstly bridged together through TINC side to side VPN. (Afterwards IPSec)

Summer 2017

Building first Bots

At the time I first started specializing on Discord-bots and til to date they are running. Also I started to build some Telegram-bots for certain status stuff like serveruptime and monitoring for more than only my services.

Winter 2016

Teamspeak³ peak members

This time at the end of 2015 to summer 2016 we had daily over 60 active TeamSpeak³ members on ts.64i.de
Peak: 121 Users on 25.12.2015 19:15.

Autumn 2015

First Webapps on 64i.de

Fully run my own URL-shortener and some other webapps that "should" improve the workflow and give them basic (but privacy orientated) stats for about 1K People that used it back then. 

Spring 2015

64i.de - the new Hostname!

I aquired a new hostname to use for all of the V-Servers I had back then... (Never heard of virtualizing by my self back then).

Summer 2014

mclp.de was called to life.

All has started with mclp.de - I tried to start a "Minecraft Community". And soon had seen that this wasn't a good idea. :D

Well - Good old Minecraft-Kiddie times :P


A hobbyist project of an Azubi from the south of Cologne.

Privacy is important for me.

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