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What is eating up our Money?

  1. Our Servers - you may know, that servers consume a ton of energy and need a reliable cooling — But more Important: our servers need a reliable network connection (the datacenter where our servers are housed have a peering with over 500 Gbit with Local Providers and international peering companies like Google and Amazon and DE-CIX)
  2. Support Open Source Projects - We try to participate in OpenSource Projects like the IPFS, SteemIT and other Blockchain / Decentralized Networks so that not only big companies have the power over our world.
  3. We run Public Servers - We run a public TeamSpeak³ Server, Public Webservices like hosting websites/blogs for small individuals.
  4. We need to maintain Servers - Like anything, maintaining Servers and licences associated with them, there comes some cost, for example some Wordpress themes wished by our customers are not for free, but we do it as a service (If it is not too expensive)

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Founded in 2013 in Cologne,
by Calvin C. (Imprint)


E-Mail: [email protected]
Teamspeak: ts.64i.de