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Clicks in one Minute on all pages

Since we run few projects now we can tell you something about our traffic, all of your pages in total are reaching currently ~900 Clicks a Minute, quite a lot I know. Most of the hits are counted for our IPFS - Node for hosted files for DTube. The second most accessed pages are blogs and Websites hosted for individuals.


Webmasters run this pages.

Currently we are 3 Peoples running this project me, MrXen and another person that does not want to be named here.


Active developed Projects

We are constantly updating about 36 Projects. From Wordpress plugins up to own administrative interfaces so that anyone has fun administrating their emails and webpages.

Told from the view from 64i.de Initiator Calvin C.

64i.de Team started it's work in mid 2013 with me as first Member. I first released some pages for my school, because their mobile-view was like crap. after this I decided to continue my work with an public URL shortener which first launched here on 64i.de but is currently only for us Admins available anymore. At the end of 2014 we got our next Member MrXen who is currently working on its own project. Currently I am mainly busy with administrating the 3 main Servers of us and few little instances around the world which deliver you content for the pages. Our first extreme successful page here on 64i.de was my personal photography website which quickly reached about 20K requests a day. At the Moment I am Working on a new project for small individuals, which you can find over at x11.moe.

Last Updated: 01.09.2018

Help keeping us alive

Because Server's aren't pɐǝɥɔ.


Founded in 2013 in Cologne,
by Calvin C. (Imprint)


E-Mail: [email protected]
Teamspeak: ts.64i.de