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My do's and don'ts and what ive done until now.

Short summary of me

I am not that great in teamwork (I but however can work good together with people I know a lone time and don't hate.) somehow this can be associated to my authism (Aspberger syndrom).

My political opinion is somehow more leftside biased than middle. I like to save the nature and I am fighting for shutting down atomic and carbon power and also try to tell the people that waste does not belong into the forests but in the bin.

My life started on 11. January 1999 in Germany, Cologne. I am living in a family with enough money to live, but I like it more to live the minimal way and to share.
In 2006 I started my school at an public elementary school in Cologne that I finished somewhat (I repeated the 3 Year) successful in 2011. After my elementary school I started at a Realschule (Not the best but not the worst in Germany), on the Otto-Lilienthal-Realschule in Cologne in 2011. I finished this school with an average mark of ⌀2,12. After this I decided to go to an IT-College, to educate my self more IT for the future (I allready have 2 years out of 3 finished here).

My Hobbies are: Biking, Listen to japanese and electric music, watching a ton of anime, coding websites and programms for a better world... ah and by the way I like to sleep a lot when I am not supposed to do so....... Well... what so ever :D





HTML (Frameworks)




Linux (Deb/Ubnd based)


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Because Server's aren't pɐǝɥɔ.


Founded in 2013 in Cologne,
by Calvin C. (Imprint)


E-Mail: [email protected]
Teamspeak: ts.64i.de